Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is is a Website to help you find government benefits that you may be eligible to receive. By simply going to and answering a set of simple questions about household income and expenses, you can find out about services and benefits available to your family.

  2. What can LACountyHelps do for me and/or my family?

    Its goal is to provide you and/or your family a list of services, benefits and programs you may gain access to based on your situation. provides you with needed information about health and human services/programs; directs you where to go for help; and what to bring with you to the agencies to apply for those programs.

  3. Does assist in identifying all existing health and human services and programs the County and other governments administer? currently contains information about many different government programs and services, but not all; and is available in English and Spanish. In future phases, the website will be made available in multiple languages commonly used in the County of Los Angeles. Following are different categories of programs and services LACountyHelps offers:

    • Food and Nutrition
    • Child and Family Resources
    • Income Support for Adults
    • Medical
    • Seniors and People with Disabilities
  4. Does the LACountyHelps Web site store, and/or share with anyone the information entered by the users? is confidential. It does not ask who you are and does not share information with anyone or any agencies (such as USCIS, IRS, etc.) In addition, it doesn't store the information you entered. After each question section is completed and results are provided, all information entered by you will be cleared.

  5. How much time will it take to answer all the questions?

    Depending on your personal situation and your family's size, it will take from 5 to 15 minutes to answer all the questions.

  6. Do I have to answer all the questions? recommends that you answer all of the questions. Answering all the questions increases the accuracy of the assessment of your situation and eligibility for government assistance.

  7. What if I am helping someone else?

    If you are answering these questions on behalf of someone else (including a child), the term "you" applies to that person. Answer the questions as they apply to the person you are helping.

  8. How often should I use

    You can try as often as you like or as your situation or needs change. It is recommended that you visit as time passes or after major life-altering events.

  9. Does guarantee that I will receive the benefits that I may be eligible for? does not guarantee eligibility for specific programs and does not offer application services for benefits. You need to contact the agencies providing services and benefits to find out. The contact information is available on this website.

  10. Should I apply for benefits and/or services in person or call?

    This is specific to each program. After you complete the questions, LACountyHelps will list all programs you are likely to qualify for or benefits you can access. You may be provided phone numbers to call and/or addresses where you can go in person.

  11. How long will it take for me to receive a benefit once I apply for a program?

    When you call in or go in person to apply for a benefit/program, you can ask representatives from the agency for an estimated time when you will begin receiving benefits.